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18 Month Gruyère  More Info  18 Month Gruyère Price: £9.63 Made in the farming regions surrounding the town of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg. It has a distinctive farmyard aroma, with a nutty taste and a hint of honey. A part of most traditional fondues. This cheese is personally sourced for us ... more info
24 Month Old Gouda  More Info  24 Month Old Gouda Price: £7.29 Unlike most Goudas, this cheese is made by hand. It is made and matured in Utrecht by Wim Verway. Packed with flavour, it delivers the tyrosene 'crunch' that is typical of an aged Gouda.
Appleby's Red Cheshire  More Info  Appleby's Red Cheshire Price: £5.36 Cheshire is Britain's oldest cheese, dating back to Roman times and mentioned in the Domesday Book. Appleby's Red Cheshire is made by the family in Shropshire and is the UK's last Cheshire cheese made using the traditional calico bound ... more info
Ardrahan  More Info  Ardrahan Price: £7.56 Handmade in Cork, this cheese is quite similar to Livarot. It has amazing complexity of flavour: earthy and tangy as well as buttery with a savoury, meaty character.
Arina Extra Mature Goat's Milk Gouda  More Info  Arina Extra Mature Goat's Milk Gouda Price: £7.70 This is a special Gouda, made with goat's milk instead of the usual cow's milk. The flavour is complex and intense with butterscotch-caramel notes balanced by saltiness. Try pairing it with Porter.
Baby Colston Bassett Stilton  More Info  Baby Colston Bassett Stilton Price: £48.50 This seasonal favourite looks stunning on a cheese board. It weighs approximately 2.25 kilos, once you have cut into it keep it wrapped in parchment paper and it should see you though your Boxing Day leftovers!
Baby Vacherin Mont d'Or  More Info  Baby Vacherin Mont d'Or Price: £11.95 Only available between September and May, it is wrapped in spruce bark which lends it a slightly resinous flavour. Though the flavour is not strong, it is complex and substantial. It has a lovely crumpled texture on the top and is soft and bulging ... more info
Baron Bigod  More Info  Baron Bigod Price: £8.22 Jonathan and Dulcie Crickmore are passionate about raw milk. They are dairy farmers who believe strongly that everyone should have access to raw milk. But when milk prices started to fall last year, they were forced to diversify in order to keep in ... more info
Baronet  More Info  Baronet Price: £8.10 Made with organic Jersey milk, this is a richly textured cheese made in Wiltshire by Julianna Sedli. Julianna was originally from Hungary, but learnt the craft of cheese-making in Indiana and then in Somerset. When she decided to make her own ... more info
Baruffi Parmesan  More Info  Baruffi Parmesan Price: £10.59 Made by Cesare and Nicole Baruffi who are brother and sister team making only 6 cheeses a day from their own herd of cows. One taste of this chese and you understand what sets them apart from most other Parmigiano Reggiano. It manages to have ... more info
Beaufort  More Info  Beaufort Price: £11.62 Our Beaufort is selected and matured by Hervé Mons. With each order we ask for whichever cheese they are most enthusiastic about. This means that sometimes we have Beaufort d'Ete and sometimes we have Beaufort d'Alpage, if you ... more info
Beenleigh Blue  More Info  Beenleigh Blue Price: £8.50 This is an unusual ewe's milk blue cheese made near Totnes in Devon. It is unlike any other British blue cheese: crumbly and moist with a rich, complex and herbaceous yet sweet flavour with hints of grass and flowers from the ewe's milk and ... more info
Belper Knolle  More Info  Belper Knolle Price: £9.50 This little ball of hard cheese is infused with garlic and Himalayan salt, then rolled in cracked black pepper, making it more appropriate for use as a condiment than on a cheeseboard. It has a strong spicy taste that is perfect for grating over ... more info
Berkswell  More Info  Berkswell Price: £9.35 Made by hand in Berkswell, West Midlands. The curds are put in moulds in the shape of woven baskets like a Pecorino or Manchego. The outside of the cheese is painted with whey to ensure the rind stays firm but thin. Considered by many to be the ... more info
Bermondsey Hard Pressed  More Info  Bermondsey Hard Pressed Price: £8.20 Bill Oglethorpe is famous for his toasted cheese sandwiches and Raclette that he sells in the Borough Market. For the past 4 years he has been experimenting with making his own cheeses. Bermondsey Hard Pressed is a traditionally made Alpine style ... more info
Bethmale  More Info  Bethmale Price: £7.38 This is the most popular cow's milk cheese from the Pyrénées where almost every cheese is made with ewe's milk, Bethmale is rarely seen outside the Ariège. The rind has been lightly washed with a brine solution ... more info
Bitto DOP  More Info  Bitto DOP Price: £9.90 Made in northern Lombardy only in the summer months, this cheese sits somewhere between Parmesan and other traditional alpine cheeses like Comté or Gruyére. It is apparently the only cheese in the world that can age for up to ten ... more info
Bleu d'Auvergne  More Info  Bleu d'Auvergne Price: £4.55 This is a very traditional cheese based on a Roquefort recipe, using cow's mik which makes it richer. It has a strong aroma, and full flavours without being bitter. This makes it a great addition to a cheese board as it will not overpower the ... more info
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 101 products)