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Champagne Fluence





Franck Pascal is famous for his natural approach to winemaking. He began to transform the estate’s methodology in 1998, and by 2007 he was officially certified as an organic producer. In fact, he goes much further than many others in attempting to create the perfect wine, bringing in not just natural, organic and biodynamic principles but also naturopathic ideas more commonly associated with acupuncture. This involves taking into account the energy levels in living things, from the vine to the soil itself. Treating the vines in this way, he believes, gives them the ability to reach their full potential. He even convinced his compost producer to create a new form of fertiliser, based on lab analysis of his own soil. It contains volcanic sulphur, which allows the liberation of elements that are usually trapped in the limestone. This is one way of recovering the microorganisms often lost after years of conventional farming.

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