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Honey and spread

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Seggiano Acacia Honey
Seggiano Acacia Honey Price: £11.95 The acacia, a limpid and delicately fragrant honey, comes from near Civita di Bagnoregio in central Italy. At spring time the dawn is permeated with the scent of acacia blossoms. From this nectar Mauro Pagliaccia's bees produce and immaculate ... more info
Seggiano Chestnut Honey
Seggiano Chestnut Honey Price: £11.95 This sophisticated honey comes from the dense woodlands of Monte Cimino. With a hint of bitterness or 'amaro' which the Italians prize, this distinctive honey is delicious combined with thing slices of Pecorino Nero.   500g
Seggiano Sunflower Honey
Seggiano Sunflower Honey Price: £11.95 The sunflower honey, from the farmed lowlands, has a granual texture and refreshing and oddly citrus taste. This high summer hjoney comes from the sunflower fields in Umbria. Made up of unusually large crystals, it has a thick texture, melts in the ... more info
Seggiano Wild Thyme Honey
Seggiano Wild Thyme Honey Price: £11.95 For six generations Michele Oliva's family has bred bees and harvested their honey in the Iblea Mountains of eastern Sicily. This honey is made from the nectars of wild thyme which grows spontaneously in the rocky mountainside crevices. ... more info
Seggiano Wildflower Honey
Seggiano Wildflower Honey Price: £11.95 The lower meadowlands of Monte Cimino provide a density of nectars (mint, lime, acacia, and clover) for the spring wildflower honey which is dense but liquid and does not set until the autumn. Once it has set, it can be returned to a liquid state ... more info
Seggiano Woodland Honey
Seggiano Woodland Honey Price: £11.95 This darkest of bee products, thick as molasses, is made from bark and leaf resins, which woodland plants anad trees produce during long hot spells. Honeydew is particularly rich in mineral salts and it has luscious density, complex flavours and ... more info
Seville Orange Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade Price: £4.10 Classically strong, rich and full flavoured. Naturally set with unrefined sugar. Coarse Cut
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Results