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Brindisa Salted Catalan Almonds
Brindisa Salted Catalan Almonds Price: £4.95 Spain was introduced to the almond by the Moors many hundreds of years ago, and now they are to be found in almost all regions of the country both in a sweet and savoury context.   Slightly less sweet than Marcona almonds but still full of ... more info
Brindisa Smoked Catalan Almonds
Brindisa Smoked Catalan Almonds Price: £4.95 Fried almonds from Catalonia oak-smoked overnight giving them a deep woody aroma and sweetness that is balanced by the slightly bitter taste of the almonds.150g   A perfect match with a long, cold beer.
Empelre Black Olives
Empelre Black Olives Price: £3.95 Tree ripened black Empeltre olives from Aragon are preserved in the jar without the addition of any brine or marinade.   This means that the full, fragrant flavour of the olives, along with the luscious oiliness of the texture, is allowed to ... more info
Sarriegui Potato Crisps
Sarriegui Potato Crisps Price: £3.95 Crispy and light artisan Spanish potato crisps. The only ingredients are high quality potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Great with boquerones and gordal olives.
Seggiano Grilled Peppers
Seggiano Grilled Peppers Price: £5.80 One of our most popular gift items. Our Grilled Peppers are made by small family-run food producers at harvest time using entirely fresh vegetables and made without the use of chemical additives or preservatives. Most importantly for their flavour ... more info
Seggiano Roasted Artichoke Hearts
Seggiano Roasted Artichoke Hearts Price: £9.95 The fresh, raw artichoke hearts used in this recipe are grated to a fine consistency and combined with extra virgin olive oil, lemon joice, salt and a little home-grown chili. Perfect on toasted bread or bruschetta or stirred through pasta.   ... more info
Torres Black Truffle Potato Crisps,
Torres Black Truffle Potato Crisps, Price: £3.95 Real black summer truffle flavoured potato crisps from Patatas Torres. Very aromatic intense aroma with sweet and fruity notes that will convert this snack into a real treat for the senses. Gluten free. These artisan made crisps are very special, ... more info
Torres Cured Cheese crisps
Torres Cured Cheese crisps Price: £3.95
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 Results