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Unique and entertaining
We offer cheese-tasting experiences for groups of 15 to 100 guests at the venue of your choice, in and around London.
Learn about cheese in an entertaining and relaxed environment as our expert cheesemongers guide you through tasting the world’s finest artisan cheeses.
Tailored to your needs
We design each event on a bespoke basis so it’s tailored to your needs: seated or standing, including matching wines, varied levels of instruction, interactive games. Just tell us what you’re after!
Just tell us what you’re after!
Prices start from £25 per person inc. VAT.
Some of our favourite cheese-tasting events:
Presenting Artisan Cheese
If you love cheese and want to know more about it, then this fun and informative introduction is for you!
Taste 6-8 artisan cheeses and learn about each one, as well as how cheese is made and the principles for tasting. After this session you’ll be able to make informed choices at your local cheese shop, and your cheese board will never be the same again.
An Introduction to Cheese and Wine Tasting
The perfect opportunity to explore the art of cheese and wine pairing.
Taste 6-8 artisan cheeses, matched with different wines for the ultimate tasting experience. Learn about each cheese you taste, as well as how cheese is made and the basic principles for pairing and tasting cheese and wine.
We also offer an introduction to cheese and beer tasting in the same format.
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In-Depth Cheese Tasting
For devoted turophiles looking to expand their knowledge, we offer our in-depth cheese tasting event.
Delve into the fascinating world of cheese as you taste 10 top artisan cheeses. Our expert cheesemongers will lead discussions on a range of cheese-related topics including: the different families of cheese; a history of cheese; how cheese is made; terroir and the importance of region; how to buy, store and serve cheese; and many more...
Cheese Stations
The ideal event for larger groups of cheese-lovers. Guests can visit different cheese stations for a varied and exciting cheese experience!
There are countless station options to choose from and here are just a few suggestions:
• Discover the meaning of terroir with regional selections
• Blue cheeses from around the world
• Exploring goat and sheep milk cheeses
• Brave the world’s smelliest cheeses
• Cheddar unwrapped!
• Are you a cheese expert? Test yourself with blind tastings
• Cheese and wine pairing
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To arrange your event, please contact Gemma on: 020 8305 0401