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L’Aiglerie, Terre de l’Elu





L’Aiglerie, Terre de l’Elu Vin de France (Cabernet franc)

In December 2018, we decided to withdraw all of our AOC wines by reclassifying them as Vin de France from the 2018 vintage, under the name “Terre de l’Elu” (the word “Clos” is not allowed for Vins de France).

This decision reflects our disappointment with an administrative machine whose rules orchestrate the eligibility to be included in the appellation of origin for the wines produced by artisanal winemakers. This disappointment is coupled with a feeling of economic insecurity that our young company cannot accept.

By renouncing an absurd system that only seeks to standardize the taste, this new orientation is above all an opportunity to gain a greater level of freedom of expression within this profession that we cherish. The current appellation system sadly does not allow for this. In 11 years, we have worked first and foremost for the preservation of this heritage that is the Clos de l’Elu, composed of a vineyard and a professional team endowed with know-how. We have valued this know-how and our terroirs by opting for a way that respects a certain idea of wine, which allows the expression of talents, just like those chefs who carry so high and so far the level of French gastronomy in a totally open and legal framework.

Today, we are proud of the recognition we have gained from wine professionals, such as wine merchants, restaurant owners, sommeliers and importers, who recognize in our wines an original expression of the Anjou vineyards. Wishing to honour the trust that our customers have given us for 11 years, we will not change the way we look at Anjou wine, with the hope that one day a deep reform of the AOC will allow us to claim again on our labels this link to the soil that we hold so dear.

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