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2019 VDF “Petit Fontainebleau”, Chateau Fontainebleau,





2019 VDF “Petit Fontainebleau”, Chateau Fontainebleau, Provence     Cinsault/Grenache   
Hand picked and sorted in the vineyard and cellar. Whole grapes immediately pressed. Fermented and aged in vats.

This estate dates back to the 17th century and takes its name from a nearby river, which helps to provide an environment of wet subsoil. This means that the vines endure less heat during the summer, resulting in delicate and elegant red, white and rosé wines produced using only biodynamic methods.                   

Spanning 27 hectares across a number of parcels, the vines at Château Fontainebleau grow alongside olive trees amid a landscape of rolling hills. Each parcel of land is dedicated to a single grape variety, either Ugni Blanc, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Vermentino, Cinsault or Carignan. The soils are highly diverse, but there is a prevalence of volcanic tuff rock, limestone clay and iron oxide-rich red mudstone.

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