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Chutneys & Fruits for Cheese

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Rosebud Piccalilli
Rosebud Piccalilli Price: £4.10   Carefully prepared to capture the true qualities of this distinctive English garden pickle. Perfect with Camembert and Cold Roast Ham. A very distinguished member of the British preserve family.
Rosebud Red Tomato & Chilli Jam
Rosebud Red Tomato & Chilli Jam Price: £4.10 Warm, rich and thick with ripe tomatoes, fresh ginger, chilli and unrefined sugar. Excellent with Goats Cheese and Cold Chicken.
Rosebud Tomato Chutney
Rosebud Tomato Chutney Price: £4.10 Rosebud pickles and relishes celebrate bold, fresh flavours, vibrant colours and a savoury piquancy that guarantees the perfect pairing for your favourite cold meats and cheeses. To enjoy them at their best some are only available in our British ... more info
Rosebud Wild Crab Jelly
Rosebud Wild Crab Jelly Price: £4.10 Rosebud jellies are bright, translucent and jewel-like. Made in the traditional manner from fresh Bramley apples, perfumed quinces, wild crab-apples and rowan berries, gathered from the wild. Our herb jelly captures the characteristic oils and ... more info
Smoked Apple Butter
Smoked Apple Butter Price: £4.10 125g/4.4oz Sweet, smoky and piquant with Bramley apples, cider vinegar, Madagascan vanilla and whisky. Enjoy with Wensleydale and Farmhouse Cheddar.
Truffle Honey
Truffle Honey Price: £7.95 the spiez truffles are dug up and carefully selected in the autumn truffle season, shelled, and the core and tubers are pressed in oil for over 2 months to develop an intense aroma. they are then mixed with wild honey from schwang-wals to make this ... more info
Showing 19 - 24 of 24 Results